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Bought some copper tun "Cracked Wheat Grain" on a whim.

The instructions to say that if you want to use it with other grains, you should mash it along with the other grains. Then the instructions say if you want to use it with extracts you should crush the wheat grain, boil some water, add the grains to the water and stand, then strain, then boil...

So my question - is this malted grain or unmalted? Doesn't specifically say on the packet.
it will be malted mate but I would not boil it
The boil needs to happen after the steeping of the grains (i.e. after the grain has been removed), along with whatever extract you're using (if any).

Check out chapter 13 of Palmer's "How to Brew" for info on steeping grain: http://www.howtobrew.com/section2/chapter13.html

It tells you how to steep (i'm converting to metric) 3kg of grain into 12 litres of water for 30 minutes at around 65-75 degrees celcius. I believe you can reduce the 12 litres to something smaller if you aren't using 3kg of grain.

Once that part is done, you return to the extract method of brewing that starts in chapter 7.1, using the water you steeped the grain into.

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