Keg carbonation for Mangrove Jacks Bavarian Wheat.

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Hi Guys,
My first batch is about to come out of the fermenter in a day or two after a 35 year gap in brewing.
This is also my first time using kegs and I want to play the safe carbonation game of set and forget pressure for seven days in the kegerator.
This is also the first time brewing wheat beer, so I need help for carbonation.
Looking at online calculators I am not sure of the "Volumes of CO2" figure I should use for this type of beer.
Is 3.4 correct? I appears quite high compared to most other beer types.
This newbie says thanks in advance.
Cheers Yt2...
I haven't found it necessary to carbonate any beers higher than about 2.5 volumes. You'll get plenty of head regardless in a protein rich beer. No need to pour full glasses of foam, no thanks.
Hey dmtaylor, 3.4 did seem high to my untrained eye, but all the calculators said the same.
Thank you you may have saved my first ever keg...
Ok, I contacted Mangrove Jack's in a quest for an answer and they came back with:

Hi Graham,
Thank you for your continued patience. Our tech team has advised as this kit uses dextrose I would use a lower final vols. So I would be aiming for 3 vols of CO2 which is the lower end of the range for german and begian wheats. But if you go much higher it will taste a little to acidic and dry because of the thinner body.
There recommendation is 4C on the kegerator 17psi.
That's what I did and it worked for me, but I are only new to this so I didn't know any better, but I drank it all, so it is a start...

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