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  1. Y

    Keg carbonation for Mangrove Jacks Bavarian Wheat.

    Hi Guys, My first batch is about to come out of the fermenter in a day or two after a 35 year gap in brewing. This is also my first time using kegs and I want to play the safe carbonation game of set and forget pressure for seven days in the kegerator. This is also the first time brewing wheat...
  2. Birdbeak55

    Frementation Issues - Foam refluxing out airlock.

    ** IN SHORT BREW IS FERMENTING AND CREATING EXCESS FOAM AND MIXING WITH HOPP RESIDUE AND ERUPTING BACK OUT MY AIRLOCK. (For more datailed description read below) Currently brewing a 23ltr coopers Heffe wheat beer kit. Initially i boiled 12ltrs water with 300g LDM ,30g Halletau & 30g cascade...