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Has anybody tried to use a convoluted tube in tube system for cooling after the boil.
I have obtained "to try it out" such a device - see links, and wanted to see if and how others have found these useful.

I have the model C22-15, but with a titanium internal spiral, which looks like the following link, but obviously coiled inside the copper outer.

I have a copper one - it is similiar to the Chillziller from More Beer.

Works fantastic - but the wort comes out very slow - unless u pump through it....
heheheh..... hopefully I will end up with this one for free :)
It was obviously a spare left over from a job, with a manufacture date of 2003.... and still under a touch of pressure in the outer coil as it had when it left the factory.

I looked into buying some of their convoluted copper a while back. I can't rememeber the prices for a length but I got scared that I wouldn't be able to work it without some good machinery or some hydraulics or something. It would have been a dear experiment to stuff up.

But yeah it should work a treat ;). What a find, it's a crime if you dont pounce on it.

Cheers, JD
it is already sitting on the front seat of my car.


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