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ok, so i've got some time on my hands at work today.

i've been dreaming about getting a counter flow chiller and was thinking could you use it for a herms type device?

push your wort through the inner coil and then push the hot water in the outer coil to bring the temp up or maintain temp.

yeah i know the herms coil needs to be in the hot liquor tank etc, but could you use the cfc to do the same process??
Of course it could be used, but you would then require two pumps, one for the hot water, and one for your wort. Just doesn't make much sense compared with using a simple coil in a hot water vessel, and using just one pump for your wort.

Have a look at dicko's CFC in the gallery. I am thinking of adding an electric element to it for the exact purpose you are talking about, rather than pump hot water through you can just heat it more.

If I get around to building a new system ....
thanks for the link wax, that was what i was thinking about.

like i said, i was day dreaming and really thinking out loud (as such).