Coopers India Pale Ale Discontinued?

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Hey all.

I visited one of my local brew shops today, and was talking about different brews. I mentioned how fine the Coopers IPA was, and he said that they don't make it any more, since the Australian Pale Ale has come out. Can this be? they are totally different beers, and I love my IPA.

Any info about IPA would be great, or a substitute brand that is good.
AFAIK they discontinued the Nut Brown Ale when they brough out the Irish Stout, but you should still be able to get the IPA.
Coopers changed the labels of their Brewmaster Series recently, and as Wee Stu said, replaced Nut Brown Ale with the Irish Stout. However, the IPA is still being made, albeit with a new label, as far as I'm aware.

I think I heard something about recipe changes to the kits also, but I am not sure about that.
The web site still shows Nut Brown Ale (which is definitely no more) and doesn't show Irish Stout (which is now around and about).

Both now in the brewmaster selection, with similar livery to the Thomas Cooper Premium selection - ie black cans with a picture of an old geezer prominent on the front.

Possibly Coopers want too high a volume order up front for your HBS, hornet. I have heard from another HBS source that this can be a problem with Coopers at the moment.

Might be easier for your HBS guy to say it can't be got, than to say "I can't (won't) afford to get it." Just a thought..........
thanks for your replies guys.

I'll spear off an email to coopers and find out :)

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