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I've got an extract version of the 'Einbock' recipe from the Palmer 'How to Brew' book bubbling away behind me and was just wondering if you guys knew of any readily available commercial varieties I could buy to compare it to? I can find plenty of 'Doppelbock' and 'Dunkel' varieties but the recipe is for the ordinary paler type based I understand around Munich. My (Palmer's) recipe was:
3.5 kg Pale LME
1.5 kg Amber LME
110 grams Maltodextrin
55 grams Perle (7%) 60 mins.
22 grams Spalt (4.7%) 10 mins
Saflager W34/70 yeast
15 grams Spalt dry hopped after racking last night.

As you can see, it should be a pale Bock rather than black, and strong in alcohol (1.067 OG) but not 'doppel'. Any commercial varieties of pale Bock I might be able to find??

Thanks in advance ,

I've never heard of an "Einbock". What is it?

Sure it isnt a Maibock (golden coloured) or an Eisbock (dark, very high alcohol, higher than a dopple). Recipe looks more like a Maibock.

Both beers koth mentioned seem to be highly rated maibocks. I havent seen either available in australia though. Might be able to find Spaten Maibock though. I know the Spaten brews come into australia cause I've tried some of them in Sydney.
Thanks kook and KOTH. The name 'Einbock' is just Palmer's name for his recipe I think, so it isn't surprising you haven't come across it! I think the 'Maibock' you're talking about is pretty close to the style I'm copying, but like you said I'm finding them hard to come by. Especially here in Newcastle we don't really have a bottlo that specialises in imported beers. We have some good bottlo's that stock a lot of different styles, just not any that seem to have any real enthusiasts/specialists working behind the counter. I'll keep my eyes open for the Spaten brews now though. If they are in Sydney, they should be up here. Thanks again guys. Any other suggestions gratefully received.

I'm lagering the 15L Fresh Wort "bock" at the moment. Has anyone any idea what kind of bock this is? It is pretty dark, so I doubt it's a Maibock, and I don't think the SG (1.051) was high enough for a Doppelbock.
I understand Paulaner Bock is available in Australia and comes recommended (but not by me coz I haven't been able to find it yet!)

As it happens I just had a Paulener Salvator earlier tonight. Beautiful! I was looking for some 'Bocks' after reading some of the earlier posts and couldn't find any of the suggested brands, but did find this one. I think it's a Doppelbock but it is a similar colour (darkish amber) to the one I've got in the fermenter and at 7.5% is only a little above what I'm expecting mine to turn out like. Definitely a once a night beer unless you're looking for a hospital bed methinks... Highly recommended! If we've got it here I'm sure you'll be able to track it down in sunny Perth.

Good luck,

Had an Aventinus last week , this is a dark dobblebock.....very nice.

Doc how did your Aventinus turn out from last fest in Ballarat

deebee said:
I understand Paulaner Bock is available in Australia and comes recommended (but not by me coz I haven't been able to find it yet!)
International beer store in West Leederville :)
$4.95 a bottle though :(

If you havent been there before, do not take too much cash with, and leave your credit card at home. Its beer lovers heaven.

Tip: ask to become a member of their club, you get 10% discount on all beers there, and occasionally theres special deals. If you want their pricelist let me know.

The other bocks they've got are:
Schneider Aventinus (Weizen Dopplebock)
Weltenburger Kloster Asam-Bock
Weihenstephaner Tradition (dunkel.. think its an ale though.. might be wrong)
Primator Dark

There might be others too. They've got a bloody brilliant range of belgian strong ales and lambics too :)
Excellent tip, kook. I'm there this arvo.
any chance of the address i will visit this shop when in perth.

big d

gotta try a lambic
Its in the whitepages ( as either "international beer store" or "international beer club" in West Leederville. Its just a bottle shop, but a damn good one.

If you're looking for a pub to try Belgian beers, try the Belgian Beer Cafe in Murray St. Its about 2 blocks? West of the mall. It'll be on too :)

Never received it from Tom :(

I was actually planning on brewing one this weekend, but my grain order won't be here in time :(

So this weekend will be a Newcastle Brown clone and another beer to use up all my left over bits of grain (Doc's Brew Cupboard Cleanout Strong Ale).

Snow...15L bock is a yummy one, but I was a little confused and probably disappointed.

I ordered it from ESB and it said that it came with the "relevant" yeast. Well it arrived with an ale yeast.

I used it because I figured ESB know what they are talking about, but there is a nagging doubt in my mind that it should have been a lager yeast, even more convinced now that you say you are lagering yours.

Mine is still quite nice, but just a bit sweet, which I'm quite happy to blame on the yeast.
Kook, bigD,

Went there today McCourt Street near St John of God Hospital. I wasn't spending, just looking but the bloke didn't mind and we had a good yarn about beer. He has worked on vineyards in the past and is now doing a microbrewing course down south and knows a fair bit. They've got about 350 beers in stock. Prices not too bad. Like you say, easy to spend up big there!
I've found that I usually end up paying around $40-50 for 6 beers. I must admit though when I go there I'm looking for beers that I cant get anywhere else in Perth.

Thanks for the tip - I went there after work. What a place! Its a good thing its pay day tomorrow....

I can nearly taste that Old Peculier already mmmmmm :)

I think you got jipped on that one. I understand that bocks should be fermented with a lager yeast. I used the White Labs Oktberfest. It seemed to ferment pretty well at 9C for 2 weeks, then I gave it a diacetyl rest at 18C for three days, then I'm lagering at 3C for 6 weeks. It's got 2 weeks to go so I'll let you know how it turns out.

Did you ferment the 15L, or did you top it up to 20L?

Cheers - Snow.
Yeah, I found out recently that to brew a bock you need a bottom fermenting lager yeast - a bock is a dark lager, not an ale. So you might want to check with ESB, and see what the story was. But still, if it tastes good then it's all good I guess, just not technically correct.

Awesome. B)
The whole reason I brewed one in the first place was because I was looking for a Lager recipe that was a bit 'different'. The stuff I read about Bock's before deciding to brew one all refered to them as Lagers and I used the Saflager W34/70 yeast. Maybe someone at ESB just blew it when packaging?


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