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Hi all,
I just took a gravity reading of a brew I put on last Saturday and I noticed it is the murkiest cloudiest brew I have made so far.
Firts time I used liquid yeast. A Wyeast 1056. Is this normal for this yeast? Or have I done something wrong?
This was my recipe. I tried to make a APA.
5(about 2.25 kilos)pounds DME
300 gm Crystal malt.
28 gms cascade 60mins
28 gms cascade 20 mins
Quite basic really.
When I purchased the grains he recommended that I steep in three quarters of a litre of water at around 75 C for half an hour.
I did this but what happened was that the grain expanded and it was a really thick porridge like mixture. I had to add more water later and that may have affected it. Next time I will use a lot more water.
I had 1 litres of wort from the crystal in the end.
I added another 7 litres then the DME. 12 litre pot was really full.
Boiled for 1 hour, then cooled, topped water level up (OG 1042) and pitched a starter of 1.5 litres.
Total of 24 litres. It has been at a constant 20 C all the time.
I tasted it before.Gravity is 1012. It tastes great but its really murky.
Will dry hop with 12 gms at least.
Taste is good but not the beer is not clear clear.
Any suggestions appreciated.

hi johnno
i wouldnt worry about the murkyness too will clear with time and cc-ing.
adding extra water is ok it just changes a stiff mash to something a bit more fluid.
in time you will find what works best for your system and still mucking around with grain/water ratios and have had rather murky brews but they all clear up with time.

big d
My IPA is very cloudy too. I'm blaming the WY1056 yeast, even though I'll admit I havent had this problem with it in the past. According to the wyeast website its not a very flocculant strain, and they recommend filtering it!

I did have 1.5kg of wheat malt in my IPA too.. So it could be the reason..

By the way, my general rule for steeping (and its in no way scientific) is 1L per 250g of grain. I usually add another litre just before i strain it.
I did a partial mash APA with WY1056 a few weeks ago & it was a bit cloudy but cleared up in secondary. CCing at the moment & will bottle on Saturday - I'll let you know how it looks then.
Thanks for the replies. I'll just rack it this weekend. Then chuck it in CC. Still tastes good. I was just wondering if it was a characteristic of the 1056.

I have been using the 1056 yeast a little bit lately and have also noticed some haze. Mind you, these are also some of my first AG brews so I was originally thinking that it was my technique more than anything else.

I may try to do exactly the same brew with safale and see the difference (if any).

The pleasing part of the report though is that it doesn't seem to affect the flavour :D


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