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Do any of you guys have/use a carbonation stone in your kegs ?

I believe you can get full carbonation in about 20-30 minutes using one. The latest issue of BYO has a project to modify the hatch lid of a corny keg to add a carbonation stone to it.

I've also noticed that MoreBeer sell one all ready to go ( see page here )

If you do use one have you had any problems with sterlising them, or had any contaiminated brews from one ?


Jason of Ballarat was going to bet some of these into Aus. some time ago. Don't know what happened.
Have you priced a bulk order Doc? I'm sure there would be lots of takers on this site.

How do you burp your keg , the relief value is gone

Very interested in these , keep us posted Doc
Any chance of a scanned copy of the artical?
Batz said:
How do you burp your keg , the relief value is gone

Very interested in these , keep us posted Doc
The valve is right next to the disconnect, its clearly visible in the picture :)

Yeah I contacted Jase when he put out the message.
Not sure whether he went through with the bulk order or not.
I know he had a few other things going on at the time.

looks the goods doc
typical though the usa is a homebrewers paradise for goodies.
another thing to aim for .
guess i will continue with the o/night gas up or a quick rock of the keg.
more scrounging around at work coming up.
ive seen similar air stones at work on pneumatic systems but used to muffle the air outlets.only thing is the ones ive seen are brass? by the looks of them.

big d
I was actually wondering how good the carbonation stone on a soda stream was.
Same principal.

That could be a very cunning plan. Find an old soda stream machine and flog the carb stone out of it for carbing up the keg.

Then flog the gas bottle and connection and the button out of it and use that as a portable gas supply for dispensing kegs at parties.


now ya thinking doc.excellent idea well worth persuing.

The old soda stream we had didnt have a carbonation stone but a tube with a plastic end on it.

As far as using the bottles, we use a modifed reg that screws straight on. It had to be modifed recently to attach to the new styles bottles but all is good now. The reg is lancer bought it at NortherDistricts Brewing in North Ryde Sydney. Lot easier than carying a D size bottle around and popular at parties.

you can also get one of these from ESB

I may be getting a couple of those adaptors made up pretty cheap when I get back home in a few months. (Probably $20 - $30ea) Can probably get a few extras done up if people want some?

Does anyone know of anywhere other than ST Pats to get a stainless steel threaded aeration stone? I want to build one of those CFWC with aeration stone built in.
On a quick and rough calculation if enough were ordered to make a U$300 order to St Pats it should cost about A$20 ea per aeration stone, would have to order about 26 though - are another 25 people interested??

just a thought guys
maybe some of you city folk could go to an air supply/compressor/pneumatic outlet shop and check out wether the pneumatic system mufflers come in s/s.
as i said earlier i have seen brass looking ones at work.

big d
G'Day Big D,
I know what you are talking about and I think they are made from "sintered bronze" which is the technical term.
A similar thing is used for some fuel filters!
Next time I am in Adelaide I will check that out for you, but it wont be until the Batz Tour.
Maybe you could use the sintered bronze ones in place of s/steel? - I dont know!
reckon in the name of experimentation i will have to give it a trial run sometime bbb.
Yep! Big D,
Get one and give it a go and let us know, after all it has only got to put gas in the beer
It really doesnt take that long to force carbonate, I would be more interested in one for wort aeration.

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