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(Brisbane) For Sale: Keg Couplers A And D Types

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i have some of both A and D types
the A ones are micro-matic or skg and pretty sure all are full SS D type is unkown brand but i think all SS

about 5 of each... i dont have the hose joiner bits
they need a clean and are used

looking for $10 for each one + postage at cost from Brisbane if needed (or pickup etc)
i am in Hawthorne (brisbane)

i also have some parts for both types if you happen to need something (incomplete couplers)

i would be happy to swap for a Type S Coupler if you were interested in that
then i would also have a s type which i also want

PM if interested

looks like the a type are sold at this stage

doesn't anyone drink CUB kegged beer.... lol
If they A-Type Sale falls through i am very interested ,

Cheers Nick
My share arrived today, came at a good time as I was getting low on couplers for my hire magic boxes.
Good price and good service, thanks

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