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[bris] Keggles / 1v Biab Rigs

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Hi guys,

I've rescued some old gear and knocked up a few keggles/1V BIAB suitable rigs that could use a happy home.

  • 50L kegs (and one 50L cooking pot)
  • welded 1" BSP socket with 2400w element
  • welded pickup tube/compression fitting set, and ball valve (full bore).
Asking $250 ea ono/pm me with your story.

Bump.. And a happy new year..

At the risk of sounding rude, do you think the fact that no one has replied to your thread in almost a month could indicate that $250 is too much?

Maybe lower the price rather than bumping the thread?
For $250 you could fit out one of Ross' 70L....

Just sayin.

Assuming, you got the kegs 'Cheap' - I agree, it is asking a lot.

As an Urnynator myself I reckon they actually represent good value, maybe everyone's broke after the hols.
I reckon some close up pics of the workmanship would probably help the potential parties to speak up?
Just curious to know with the kegs cut right to the edge like that how do you fit a lid on them?
I asked a few brewers about the price and they expected them to get snapped up very quickly saying they were a good deal, and quite confused when I suggested issues selling them.

I just put it down to holiday season, hence bumping every week or two weeks or so.

The workmanship is okay, I bought a TIG welder and gear to teach myself, these are the first run. I couldn't afford a full purge of the vessels (need to buy a nitrogen concentrator first, and didn't know the pipe/can trick for purging) so there is some internal sugaring, which I've sanded back and repassivated with HF/HNO3 the best I can. I was kind of hoping the profit from these would make a decent dent in the initial outlay of tig welder/safety gear/consumables/gas so that I could make brewing gear at mates rates in future, not strictly a commercial venture.

I'll try to get a photo of the insides when I can.

These kegs were sold to me in a pretty bad condition, I did what I could to resurrect them into something useful, had to trim to the whole top off to do so, so I guess you could say my hand was forced.

I did list them as ONO, nobody has made an offer. I'd be willing to drop the price if that meant a sale, of course. I'll drop the price a little later after the holiday season has financially ended to see if that was the issue or not.