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Complete 3V setup Muswellbrook NSW (Upper Hunter)

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by sp0rk, 14/7/19 at 3:15 AM.


  1. sp0rk

    Mayor of Pooptown

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    Posted 14/7/19 at 3:15 AM
    New thread because there's a few extras this time
    My 3V rig has to go due to me needing to downsize to fit my home gym into my garage as well

    50L keggle with ball valve, pickup tube & a lid to suit (I have used this as both a BIAB vessel and an HLT)
    80L keggle with ball valve and pickup (been used as a double batch BIAB vessel and boil kettle)
    44L Willow esky, (ballvalve and bulkhead are ordered, just waiting on delivery)
    Beer Belly esky false bottom (never used)
    Keg King 2200w element, to heat the HLT (I haven't gotten around to mounting it)
    home made burner stand, heavy duty made from a 4wd steel wheel and angle iron
    3 ring burner with an adjustable regulator, has boiled 80L without a problem
    Keg King MP15R pump with brass barbs included
    HERMS vessel made from 4" PVC pipe and a kettle element, no coil or fittings
    Some various barbs, bits for weldless fittings, random fittings, grain bags (old ones) and silicone hose to go along with the above if you want them
    90(H)x90(L)x90(W) stainless bench I used as a stand

    I'll throw in a bunch of dark spec malts and some medium crystal in with this, I've got more than I'd use in the next decade

    Chasing $600, will throw in a controller (pics on request) for the pump & element for an extra $60
    I can possibly get it down toward Maitland in the coming weeks

    Excuse the pic of the table under stuff, I don't have time to clear it off right now with a 4 month old bub wanting attention sorry

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