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Just a little report on BrewGoliath's new business method.

Made an order last month and although I felt a little dubious dealing with an online business I was pleasantly impressed.

The same Dave Stewart level of service was provided and delivery was prompt.

I was one happy camper, then one very happy craftbrewer
Interesting, AFAIK Dave Stewart no longer runs it. It is now part of brewmaker.
Ok, I got the following last week from [email protected]

My name is Bill McBride, the new owner of the Goliath Brewing website and "online store". David has taken up employment in Melbourne and moved over there. I am in the process of incorporating the website as a division of our existing Home Brew supply business here at Holden Hill S.A.

Unless there is some funny business going on....


That's exactly what I'd heard through the grapevine ... and we all know the grapevine never lies ;)

I think that's the correct story.
Its correct ,Bill told me himself about 4 weeks ago.Purchased all stock and online business..
Top bloke who has helped me heaps,always welcoming and happy to chat if you drop by his shop. :D

Makes me sad :(

I liked Dave , great bloke

Sniff Sniff :(

same here batz.shame dave didnt post about what was going on with the shop and bloke always good to have a mag with.

big d
Still Lurking however, and still with the old handle.

Thanks for the comments guys.

Life caught up healthwise and I had to make some drastic choices.

Watch this space for some interesting new stuff!

Bill McBride is an honest, decent and nice bloke. He also knows his brewing. He has heaps of stock capacity and is easy to deal with. The web addresses and stuff obviously still need some work but Bill will sort that out over the next few weeks.

He is based at Holden Hill in Adelaide and is on 08 8369 3649.

Please give him your support.

No worries Dave...

Came as a bit of a shock - already negotiated BBC Rates (not as good as yours but we will work on it) :lol:

Now - BBC still owe you approx 40.00 PM me with account details and i will transfer it.

Thanks for all the Great Service, Advice and Discounts over the years - Been a REAL Pleasure. :super:

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