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Anyone actually doing this? so the bag is placed in the false bottom pot, and then the pot is placed inside the urn. would this make a better grain bed?
thinking i might give it a go.
im not interested in setting any major job up and dont plan to recirculate with pumps or any of that wiz stuff.
Similar to this?

Unless you are going to recirculate, I dont see any benefit as far as quality is concerned over just using the bag. I find the inner basket/falsebottom setup makes it easier to handle the grain. Onle got real benefits of this after recirculating to get clear wort the same as you would is using a traditional 3V.
brew in a bucket?
Linky [topic="58732"]BIABucket[/topic]

i use a bucket after trying a 8kg grain bill and spilling heaps of wort and burning my hands. The beauty of a bucket is it stays the same shape no matter how full it is, you can easily put it into a second bucket to collect the last of the wort, or use a mesh fridge shelf over your urn for the same effect.

I wouldnt recommend trying to use this for step mashes unless you set up a recirculating pump. (which i will be doing when the parts arrive).

alternatively you could use a bucket for a manual recirc to establish a grain bed.

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