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I use a few ( ) quick disconnects I got from morebeer a while back - which are great, but they are getting a bit stiff to push on. Is there a beer/food grade lubricant that is commonly used for this sort of application ?

Its only the O ring that causes the probem, but for obvious reasons I don't want to take them off.

<< braces for the inevitable KY jelly jokes >>
Goat said:
<< braces for the inevitable KY jelly jokes >>
OK I'll bite! :D

The manufacturers of KY Jelly have announced that their product is now fully Year 2000 compliant. In the light of this they have now renamed it as: 'Y2KY Jelly'.

Said a spokesman: "The main benefit of this revision to our product, is that you can now insert four digits into your date instead of two."

Seriously. Plain old vaseline is fine and most probably food safe enough. I've had no problems with it thus far.

Of course the dreaded KY is most probably food safe too. (Snigger) :p

Warren -
There is a food grade lube which we used to use at work when i was the old cellarman. Forgotten the name of it though.

Try premier beer systems over in sydney and see if theyll ship it to you. But im sure vaso would do the same job, although this didnt seem to be quite as tacy to me. And a small tube used to allow me to fully service about 60 keg taps and 120 disconnects so im sure itll last you a life time.
Any pool shop will have silicone O ring lube if you want the right stuff, but vaseline works, though I have heard that it can be deleterious to the nitrile O rings over a long period. I think normal wear and tear will damage the seals before the vaseline will.
I use a product I got from the Country Brewer.

From the tube:

Skerra Pty Ltd Food Grade lubricant for taps and valves. Resistant to water, steam and solvents from -40 to +140 degC. Excellent beer foam stability.
Article number GB 363

There should be a black tube of Skerra Lube in every cellar. We include a tube with every Keg System we sell. Lots of other lubes maybe food safe but they can effect foam stability.
Lots of pubs use Vaso or other petroleum base products. Very Bad. Or just a bit of spit. Very Very Bad.
Lube the O rings on the turrets to prevent an ugly split or chip which can lead to a gas or beer leak. Both of these are VERY BAD.
Thanks for all the suggestions - plenty there to follow up !
I get Keg Lube from Lancer Pacific - around 15.00 a tube - but lasts ages and is the right stuff as Gerard points out.

It is in a black tube...

Since your from Perth i got some from TWOC, which is from Skerra Pty Ltd, cost 6.50 for a tube. It says on the tube "Food grade lubricant for taps and valves. Resistant to water steam and solvents from -40 to 140C, Excellent beer foam stability"
Works for me.