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I just bottled my ESB pilsener after CC'ing for 12 days. Nice & clear heaps of yeast in the bottom of the CC fermenter so all is good. I bottled yesterday. 21 Litres with 200g of Dex.
My question is. - Will there be enough yeast left to carbonate? The local HBS bloke reckons i would of killed all the yeast from CC'ing at -1.5 to 0 deg. And my beer will be flat. He said i will need to knock the tops of em all and drop a drop of rehydrated yeast into each bottle.
What i dont understand is all you guys CC for heaps longer than 12 days, so do u have this problem?
i would say not the best advice. Especially if you used a lager yeast! it will be fine at those temperatures. I CC for 2 months usually at -1C. i then bottle with 180 grams of white sugar, leave at room temp and i have plenty of carbonation in about 3 weeks. Still, i don't usually drink them until about 6-8 weeks. There will still be plenty of active yeast available.

go back to your HBS guy and tell him he's an idiot and he should do some research before he mouths off advice about something he dousn't have a clue about. There will be plenty of yeast still in suspension in your beer to carbonate. In fact, with 200g of dextrose, I think it will be overcarbonated - but that's just my opinion. I have lagered for up to 2 months at 1C and my beers have all carbonated no problem.

Cheers - Snow.
I thought that might be your reply.
Snow: i thought 9 grams of Dex per litre was the rule of thumb? Saying that it does work out to be 9.5 grams per litre. Anyway thanks for your input. I feel better now.

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