Arvo: New Beer From Winemaker Yellowtail

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FYI: saw this in y'day's Age newspaper...
Full story at:

This was flagged in an AHB post about 18 mths ago when they were advertising for a head brewer.
De Bortoli have done kinda the same thing with William Bull too
Saw it at the bottle-o this morning. Will be vigil.g some next time I'm in town. Is yellowtIl Aussie owned?
50,000 cartons at a time? Is there any land now left in Griffith?
Certainly is the Casella family.....I heard they were going to release 2 different recipies and let the market derside on the final one.,,,smart bit of marketing if they do
Australian owned but they have a South African brewer. They are chasing the mega swill market. In the 6 packs at the moment they have two different beers and you vote on their Facebook page which one is shitter you prefer.
Someone sold these guys a dream... Who needs another mainstream lager...
Marketing clowns at work.
It ain't great if anyone's wondering...
The wines are reasonable, I hope they pit as much effort into their beer. Maybe if they're both well received they will expand their range.
Dpes anyone know who got the head brewer job?
Dpes anyone know who got the head brewer job?
I was given the impression recently that it was someone who was formally the HB at a one beer wonder brewery & winery (lion owned) in SA
Was in Griffith recently. From what I am told the beer is taken very seriously, and I was told the head brewer(s) are from SA.

Having travelled to Griffith many times over the last 20 years, to see the site where they brew and make the wine now compared to what it used to be is amazing!

I tried the beer there and I thought it was a good beer for the Australian Premium beer market. For that type of beer I liked it, I reckon it stacks up well with the other beers in that market.

The price is perhaps a challenge for the beer because, while I think it is a good beer, if I had not tasted it as a sample, I might not be inclined to change from my normal Premium Aus lager at that price, close to $50 - why take the risk / change what you know you like. I would buy it if I was to ever but that type of beer, but hey, I will make my own.

I tried both beers and hope they go with the Blue (51 i think) has a nice subtle malt sweetness.
I wouldn't be drinking it flat out but if i felt like a lager and went to my local bottlo (a camel so not much on offer) it'd be something that'd do the job.

EDIT: Second point:

What I really like is that they are producing 6 packs with two varieties of beers, and getting the average punter to consider the taste of the beer not just bang it back. Packaging two varieties would be a bitch for a craft brewer id imagine but ive always thought mixed 6 packs would be a great way to get a a person to try a beer they normally wouldn't, just like a tasting paddle you could take home.