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Ok this is what ive done, i have heated an extra 5 litres of water so i could have some for sanitiary stuff etc, I have forgotten to take that 5 litres out before pouring into my mash!!!! so instead of mashing with 15.65 lt of water I am with 20, What will this do??? My thoughts are to now sparge with only 15 to get my final volume made up for the boil. ?? any suggestions??
Yeah just reduce the sparge a little to get your volume correct or you could boil longer. It may affect your efficiency a little but it is no major drama. You just end up with a thin mash.
it wont matter too much, you'll just have a thinner mash than normal. Just take the difference of your sparge water.

Just curious how much grain are you using?

That's just over 3l/kg, shouldn't be a problem. Like the others have said, just adjust your sparge to get your calculated pre-boil volume.
3.4L/kg should be ok. It will in theory produce a slightly more fermentable wort that will result in a dryer type beer.
I always mash at 3L per kg , so yours isnt much different.

thx guys you have put my mind at ease. I usually learn these things the hard way, but it looks like its not a terrible mistake. To make things worse i just dropped my beer filter on the ground and broke the john guest fitting, oh well guess i will have another beer.

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