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Has anyone gotten a second krausen after racking to secondary ???

Two weekends ago, I racked my Imperial Red Ale to secondary and noticed a few days later that another krausen had developed. At first I thought it was an infection, but, I left it cause it smelt fine and tasted ok out of the hydrometer tube. Then last night I noticed that the krausen had dropped.

Particulars of the brew:

Partial mini-mash @ 68C for 75 minutes.

1 kg Dark Crystal (I know, I know. Caramunich hadn't come into my LHBS)
100g Wheat Malt Grain
100g Flaked Barley
200g Munich Malt

6 kg Light LME
60 minute boil: 100g POR cones
40 minute boil: 50g Hallertau cones
30 minute boil: 50g Hallertau cones
20 minute boil: 56g Hersbrucker plugs
10 minute boil: 56g Hersbrucker plugs
5 minute boil: 40g Cascade cones

WLP008 East Coast Ale

OG: 1068
SG: 1020 (at racking to secondary)
SG: 1004 (current reading taken this morning)

I'm stumped as to why I got a second krausen. Anyone got any ideas.
Had this few times, mainly Burtons Ale Yeast White Labs 023, and recently with Belgian Wit White Labs yeast 380. All turned out fine.
Yep, my Breakfast of Champions developed another krausen after racking to secondary. It is still there, and I had to check my notes to make sure I had racked it :D
Will be in a keg probably end of the week. Wooohoooo

the krausen after racking to a second fermenter (secondary fermentation occurs in the bottle/keg) was probably caused by the high level of fermentables (sg 1020) still in the wort.

it wont do the beer any harm but you may need to rack to another fermenter as you will probably get a fair bit of yeast dropping out.

can i suggest you use hydrometer readings to tell you when to rack, rather than days since fermentation as this will give you a better idea of what the yeast is doing/has done.
Hopeye said:
OG: 1068
SG: 1020 (at racking to secondary)
SG: 1004 (current reading taken this morning)
Do you mean something other than this Actionman ????
sorry what i meat to say was rack when the primary fermentation has just about finished

i rack my beers to a second fermenter and put them in a coolroom (or incubator set to cold 2 degrees), when the fermentation is just about finished (usually around 1012-1010 as i brew with a full mash recipe)

this slows the fermentation right down, almost to a stop and most of the yeast drops out, clearing the beer. i only leave it for a couple of days for an ale, or a week or two for a lager.

i bottle from this second fermenter and i have nad no problems with excess yeast in the bottle or cloudiness.

hope that clears it all up for you
I wouldn't get too worried about it...
Sometimes with high flocculating yeasts they drop out of suspension before finishing off the beer. Then when you rack to a secondary
enough are stirred up, back into suspension and begin munching on the remaining fermentables...

Although an FG of 1004 for an extract beer sounds reeeal low...
have you tested your hydrometer in water lately?

Asher for now...
Back from a Singha sucking week in Thailand ;-)

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