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I just got hold of a 50 Ltr keg and need to convert it to a boiler. Can you guys give me any sugestions on how to do this. Do I just cut the whole top of and leave the handles or try and cut a hole in the top so I can put a lid on it. Also what is the best way to cut it.

What is the best way to fit a tap.

Thanks Guys.

This is the start of my all Grain setup.
Nice score bigfella,

Angle grinder is the best option. Get a very thin cutting disc, suited for cutting stainless (I will post the part number tomorrow), anyway it's a very thin disc and cuts like a hot knife through butter on the keg. You'll be able to make a lovely clean cut with it. Draw the size hole that you want on the keg then folllow it around. I used one of those $20 angle grinders from Kmart and had the hole out in 10mins, clean, accurate and finished. Leave the handles (very handy) and cut the hole to suit a lid of you have one (aluminium wok lids work great, but wish I had a glass lid).

For the tap, I recommend drilling with a drill press and then welding a 1/2" coupling (stainless). If you have a Nubco or similar place near by this should cost about $5. If you don't have this option then drill a smaller hole and file out to the right size. You can make a bulk head fitting to suit (check the web for this) but you will need a length of 1/2" threaded shank. To this attach some washers (metal and rubber/silicone) and nuts. Then whack the ball valve on and your done.

It's very easy. Handy if you know someone with a TIG welder but if you were to pay someone to do it, it would cost bugger all. Great kettle in the end.

Cheers, JD

P.S. There is a squillion pages on how to do this on the net. Search around.
Bigfella, those 50kegs are handy and perfect for a boiler.
As justin stated use a metal cutting disc, and it doesnt take long at all, if cut the top out of 2 50l kegs so far.
As for the tap, i used ball valves however didnt do any welding.
For my tap i cut a hole, threaded pipe through the hole, fixed with flared nuts and used washers, then srewed on the ball valve.
Tested and no leaks.
As for heating mine is electric and just used jug elements.
(see pics)

And you know what....

After making this boiler, and testing it, i pick up a 30L Urn for $50.
Havent even had a chance to use it for my first all-grain.
I'll probably use the urn, due to it having a sight glass on it, however if it ever dies on me i have the big 50Litre beast to take its place :D

i payed a professional $50 to do it. Im not very handy! ;)
I cut the top out same as the other guys , and my tap?
See pics
Love the urn.

What is the braded filter made of Bats and were did you get it.
That's just a piece of braided tubing you can get a any hardware , I cut off the fittings at both ends and pulled the rubber tube out the guts.

Fitted with a couple of s/steel hose clamps

About $10.00 worth
As for heating mine is electric and just used jug elements.
Now in keeping with the current trend, I think that requires a hungarian honey to go with it :)
BTW I find this alternative style of tap handy. I can just push a hose over the barb, or remove the barb to expose a threaded fitting. They are only $10.

welll pioneer i would with your boiler extent the tap out as to not get much heat on the tap with the plastic parts i will post my kettle soon
Yep Pioneer,
I got to agree with Jazman, I had mine on a short pipe up close to the keg and the flame from the burner affected the tap, but your is electric so should be OK
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