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    Lightning Fast Fermentations?

    Could very well explain it. My brews sit in a european laundry, so I'm just going off my air conditioner remote at the moment. I'll have to place a thermometer in there and see what it reads. Hopefully they'd be a little colder than what the unit reads. But the warmer temperatures could very...
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    Lightning Fast Fermentations?

    I've started brewing at my new place after a downtime of almost a year, so I'm still shaking out the cobwebs and the rust. All of my brews of late have been having some incredibly fast ferments, my latest Bitter dropped from 1.048 to 1.020 in two days and even a belgian pale I did previously...
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    Question About Taps

    If you're interested in a quick fix just to get the beer pouring, go for the picnic taps (you can get slightly different ones from I'd suggest these because they'll be something you keep and use even later on down the track. However, if you're concerned about the effort...
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    Fosters To Reduce Size Of Cascade Bottles

    I disagree mate, I manage a bottleshop in st kilda and did I hear about it from the locals when they dropped the alcoholic percentage. Well, I heard about it a lot more when I gave them a brief explanation on what they do to lower the percentage. But the volume decrease was only a recent change...
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    The Great Airlock Poll

    Always use the s-bend suckers, I've got three floating around the kitchen. I love'em, they're a conversation piece when sitting unused on the window sill. Plus I love the sound of brewing in the evening and waking up to the bloop bloop of my millions of unpaid little workers doing my bidding.
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    Ticketek Does Brewing

    $250 sounds rather appropriate to me. I work in hospitality and when you account for staff wages, the price of you being there and other people not, the rent you're taking up for those hours, the ingredients and labour, and after all of the brewing and 'experiences' you still get to walk away...
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    Smack Pak Swellings

    I brewed one with a Weihenstephaner strain (3068) the other week and the advice from the guy at the store was at least 24 hours if not 36. I cracked it before going to work one day and left it on the counter and on arriving home it was swollen enough, left it for another day and pitched the...
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    Quick Gravity Question

    I brewed a 22L batch of porter on 18/11/07 and prepared the yeast into a small starter using the a dash of the LME i had floating around. It got off to a roaring start in the jug and started to tear through my wort when pitched. It's now 3 days later (21/11/07) and the gravity has dropped from...
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    Barons Premium Beer Tasting

    I manage a bottleshop in St Kilda, Vic. I'm only stocking the Pale ale and the Lager of the Barons range. The rep and I are on great terms (thanks to this awesome tshirt he gave me), and he's slid me a few of the ESB, Black Wattle and Lemon Myrtle Wit. All three are great beers, especially for a...
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    Movember . . . .

    Started from November 1st and I'm a pair of aviator sunnies and a leather peaked cap away from not looking out of place at the Blue Oyster Bar. It looks as gay as ten gay things, but it's for charity and my pint glass at work is filling up with change.
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    Worst Comerical Beer You Had

    Worst I've ever had was Millers General Draught. I couldn't bring myself to even drink the entire stubbie, and this was back when I was 18 and would drink anything.
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    Best Way To Take A Reading From A Carboy?

    I've transferred my beer a week ago to it's secondary fermentation vessel. I't s a 30L glass carboy, so no tap in the bottom. I was initially worried that the fermentation had stuck, but doing a little reading around the boards I'd discovered that I shouldn't be too worried about the little...
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    Issue Regarding D.a Tap

    I have, what I believe to be, a D.A. tap that was given to me by a mate, it was originally from a pub he used to work at, so uses a snaplock fitting. I'm just piecing my kegging system together at the moment, and I have lines and disconnects and kegs and a fantastic free fridge, I'm only lacking...
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    Possibly The Last Keg Sale We Have!

    Cheers for your help mate, just going to pick up 4 now. I'm one step closer to being everybody's bestest mate ever.
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    Possibly The Last Keg Sale We Have!

    I'm looking to start kegging my homebrew in about 3 or so weeks time when I get time to brew my next batch. I've picked up a fridge in which to drill holes, but that's about the extent of it. It's more of a rough sketch idea at the moment, but it'll definately happen. Would these kegs be good...