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Hey Guys
the in laws have told me that for me birthday I can get a subscription to whatever mag I want. I am figuring that cause I am with their daughter, some sort of graphic, naughty nudey magazine is outta the question, so I am thinking of getting me hands on a zymurgy subscription. Has anyone got one, and if so what do they think of it? How much is it to Oz? Is it worth it, or should I get BYO, or stick to the tried and trusted Tracks (not a homebrew mag)? There is so much good info on this site, I wonder if it is even worth getting a mag, but as Deebee once said, ya cant take the internet to the bog. Any feedback would be appreciated.
G'day Trent,

I get BYO delivered and have been happy with it. My subscription is due for renewal though and I was thinking of swapping to Zymurgy. Can't afford both unfortunately... I know Wee Stu recently signed up to Zymurgy. Maybe he'll shed some light. I guess we could always swap mags once a month when you're down in Newie? Just a thought...

Trent said:
trusted Tracks (not a homebrew mag)?

"Sun's up time for a Gin and Tonic", if this cartoon has gone, Tracks is not worth it. :ph34r:

I get Zymurgy and have done for a few years. It does have a lot of american biased info in it, but there are some fairly good articles on beer styles that are a help when you are trying to reproduce a particular beer. I am going to renew at the end of the year when my sub comes up.
I think the website has some of the articles from previous editions so that you can have a read before you buy

I have looked at BYO, but it appears a bit light on for content.

Only one issue into my zymurgy subscription (or more accurately American Homebrewers Association membership), but I have had priviliged access to Pedro/Gulf's back issue collection.

I'll certainly be coming back for another year when the time comes. The magazine is variable, but when a good issue comes along it tends to be a real cracker.

About a year ago I subscribed to BYO, and whilst I will also continue with that (we have two toilets in our house :D ), I tend to find it (as pedro says) a little "light on" compared to zymurgy. Mind you, a year ago I hadn't started all grain brewing, and most of BYO made my head swim :blink: .

Getting Zymurgy and swapping with Gough's BYO's sounds like a good idea to me. Especially if you have access to readily available photocopying or scanning.

I think both BYO and zymurgy work out to about A$50-60 a year, but check the websites for current prices. www.byo.com and www.beertown.org


Thanks for the info guys
I think that I will get a sub to Zymurgy, just to see what it is like, and Shawn, I would definitely swap mags with ya when I am in Newie. It appears that I have to join the AHA to get the subscription, as there is nowhere that actually says "zymurgy subscription". Is that correct Pedro and Wee Stu? It sounds like it reading Wee Stu's post. Anyway, Nonicman, I assume yer talking about the Pig of Steel, cause no one else would be getting a g + t first thing in the morning. The captain is long gone, mate. Time to give up me Tracks subscription, its $10 a month now for crying out loud!
All the best

Yep, you join AHB and you get Zymurgy. Its the only way of getting it that I know of. although Grain and Grape sell the magazines.

Captain Goodvibes is also sometimes referred to as the pig of steel, (or as far as I knew he was) hence I said that the captain is long gone. Tracks just isnt the same since they moved to the glossy paper instead of the old newspaper pages. Thanks Pedro, I will join the AHA today to get the subscription. Pretty snealy way of bolstering the numbers in the association, eh?
All the best
My poor English, Trent, I was confirming your observation, and lamenting the fading of the surfing saviour of our universe.

Sun's up.... :)
I was just wondering about the subscription to AHB, I know that you get Zymergy (with a very slow delivery time).
But is there anything else of value in being a member for us Aussies.
I notice that you can subscribe to the mag from amazon.com for US $38 which is the same price as membership. Has anyone done this and does subscribing in this way help with delivery times?

amazon link

If anyone knows of a discount subscription service for either Zymurgy or BYO mag can you say where from.

Thanks guys
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