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Green Iguana

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With the weather heating up, lagers are on the cards for summer quaffing.

So I'm wondering, what are the best lager recipies u've made?
Large choice there Iguana
You want something hoppy or malty
Thats true...okay i'm intrested in;

Pilsner (any type)
Dortmunder export
kit or AG?

the best kit was a morgans saaz pils, with extra saaz (GMK gave me 90% the idea's via his beer) very nice easy beer

2nd kit was the james squire lager, hallertau hops and left a yr in the freezer (1deg lagering because i forgot about them) very very nice

best AG well havn't done so many lagers but a nice pils (Doc provided this) and a lager copy of boags style on oz craft brewing web site

even try a dry wheat beer for summer for something different, or even a kolsch
Hey Gout...looking at AG

How was that Boags copy...i saw the recipie on craftbrewers....
I have a koelsch on tap atm and it's pretty good...very hoppy and lager like using the whitelabs yeast....
The boags copy was nice, and it didn't last to long... a mate who is a boag drinker and stalla, well he came over to wire up my house.....

he did ZERO work, twice (sat then sund) he came to "start" but asked to just try that beer one more time, well the keg was empty and he was asleep

He loved it, told every one about it and now they all ask me to brew it again so they can drink it :) hence i have never made it again in the fear they will drink it all again

all that said i plan to brew it again in 2 brews time!
From memory it was more hop flavour and aroma, more malt and a soft clean beer with less carbonation. very nice and quite similar you wont have a problem drinking this
My best and favourite lager is my Liver Addiction Oktoberfest. See the Recipes section.

My Oktoberfest was a nice, true to type beer I think, possibly the color could have been a tad more amber. Nice nose first hops then malt, malty flavor and a nice zing of hops at the back of the mouth.

If it did well at ANAWBS I might publish the recipe. However, it is pretty much the recipe in the Beer Style Series OFest/Maerzen book by Fix. Restraint and elegance the key to a good OFest

Jovial Monk

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