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New age freedom fights!

Let me know when the ships leave to colonize mars. I will buy all that scum a ticket - one way.
Geez, looks like we need Mahatma Gandhi back. That is absolute Orwellian tyrrany. ED: Victory Peas.

If something along those lines did actually eventuate, it is probably the sort of thing that would end up creating new diseases because of some nutritional oversight.

I have been so happy gardening every day after years without any soil, it is the one thing that keeps me sane with my current schedule.
This would stop all hardware stores from selling seeds and vegetable seedlings. What a disgrace, I love my little veggie patch.

While it is a pity the article is full of rhetoric and highly questionable arguments (the "God given human right" FFS?), this issue (seed banks, patent, modified crops that will be seedless etc) is a very real concern and there is a growing mass of academic writing on the issue also (in a variety of fields). Good find, kudos for sharing.
Pretty sure something like this already exists in the USA
Whats makes u pretty sure?. No it doesnt. Monsato etc r trying to fet it through. They already have bought patent rights on certain seeds etc and would love nothing better than to wipe out self seeding seeds in favour of their buy every year seeds. Its mega bucks. Theres heaps of info on this stuff just not in mainstream as most peopke r fkwits who cant see how anything past tge end of tgeir noses affects them.

Digger's nursery in victoria, Seed Savers in the USA etc are trying to get people using old school plants to revitalise and save gardening and food production. Now yes gm and plant crossbreading to increase yeilds has a pl ace in order to supply enough foid to the world, but modding seed so its unable to reproduce and u r forced to buy more from a monopoly provider is just evil in every sense of the word.

and if u think it won't affect brewing ur wring.. What do we make beer from again... Oh yeah cerial crop. Number 1 on the hitlist (from memory tomatos r number 2).

Edit. For those that rnt familuar with corporate history monsanto bought us saccharine/aspartame (artifical swetnes), DDT and 245T aka agent orange. They have also been fined in various countries for bribery of officiala to agee that their chemical products were safe for consumption

Edit 2. Canr find the ref atm, but F1 hybrid glasshouse tomatoe seeds (corporately owned seed patent) is $483k a kilo. Yes $483,000 per kilo of seed. Gold is about $52k a kilo. as opposed to 'publicly owned' heirloom seed which is under $500 a kilo.
(from memory tomatos r number 2).

Certainly a lot of literature in regards to tomatoes - also potatoes and other similar produce with what some home-growers loosely refer to as 'heirloom' varieties.
Not whilst I lived there.

This would stop all hardware stores from selling seeds and vegetable seedlings. What a disgrace, I love my little veggie patch.

Oh ok. It jut reminded me of some of the things said in this doco:,_Inc. Could have been bollocks though.

Edit. Ok so from what citymorgue said it doesn't exist yet, but monsanto etc are trying their best to make it a reality.
Posting from an iPhone is a pain in the arse.
Posting from an iPhone is a pain in the arse.
Yup. Just posting from a phone would have covered it. 90% of my posts r from my galaxy2 now adays.

Back to op.

Liam ur right about us being ground zero as usa has,most influence from corpirations on it. They are tatting other countries as they haven't had full success. So hitting developing coubtries and those open to bribery makes sense (on their behalf).

I would have doubted nz woyld be targeted as they r pretty protective of their food security and distrust mega corps and nukes n shit (love my broad selective generalisations), but apparently they rnt immune from this either
Pretty sure something like this already exists in the USA
Pretty sure an extremely similar act with the exact same name already exists in New Zealand.

Barometric pressure certainly is rising in this teacup.
Hang on a minute here, I'm more confused than a confused thing.

Is this the same New Zealand which is a pair of bumps in the sea somewhere between Tasmania and Peru? The land of the long white cloud and the butt of most Aussie sheep-jokes?

The place which lets fuckers brew unlimited quantities of whateverthefuck is fermentable including but not limited to beer, wine, spirits and some funky shit with abalone?

The very same New Zealand which allows you to import a custom made Japanese 23-cylinder turbo-super-nitro-charged rocket-propelled Hyundai Getz and makes it fully street legal because they can???

And they want Martha and Arthur to stop growing pumpkins and chillies ?!?!?!?

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