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Well the hot weather is here 40c plus , my brew which are not lagering in the fridge (that's only one)
Are at 27c , that's inside in the aircond , apart from Coopers kit yeast , what's another yeast that will handle these tempertures?
Like to try something a bit different , any Wyeasts?
White Labs have a few Belgian Ale yeasts that ferment up to around 26C. That's all I can think of.
Do Grumpys sell that ?
gday batz
i think the answer is in your house you know the freebies supplied.upset the wife and kids and turn the a/c dial to suit your brew temp.when its finished crank it back up to there pleasure zone.ive done it that often the a/c is set for a permanent 22-25 degrees.or there abouts.the beers love this ferment do i.
bugger the humidity this time of the doesnt stop me brewing.the company lets me beat it.the wyeasts ive tried so far seem to thrive.latest is the american ale 2 .looks like it wants to explode.time is not on my side.gonna have to put down another apa style beer.
like tomorrow.

B) cheers big d
Thanks big d
My brew is in the laundray , only room without a a/c duct , wish the missus would let me put it in the spare room
Oh well that's life