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I couldn't hold my curiosity any longer, this afternoon i came home and put a bottle of my first extract brew in the fridge and i am currently enjoying :)

Its only been in the bottle for 1.5 weeks, so its a bit young, but i couldn't help it!

the verdict..

Its good.. like better than i hoped for.. already! malty, not too sweet, great aroma, almost has head retention too :)

its an McIrish McAle BTW :)

its a little bit hazy.. but you get that.. hoping it will clear up a little.. now all i have to do is try not to drink it all in the next week :)

Sorry bore you all, but i had to tell someone :)

Nice one....bring some to the next meeting and i will bring some of my first Robust Porter...

And Happy :chug:
Having tried another bottle since the last one, i was a bit dismayed... i'd been at the pub drinking megaswill and when i first tasted my little baby i thought it wasn't as good as i had thought..

but its okay, once my taste buds had returned to normal, it was all good :)

this one seemed less, but still cloudy..

Did my first extract brew on the weekend and like you can't wait to see how it turns out. Sounds like yours has gone really well. Well done! Mine's a bastardised 'Czech style' lager attempt. I'm well aware I won't probably get anywhere near the real thing, especially first go but it's worth a try. It was my first boil as well. Heaps more fun than chucking a kit in the fermenter. Just hope it tastes as good and hopefully better!

heheh what sort of volume did you boil?

i boiled about 12L i think.. the one that i tasted was done on the kitchen sink.. .the one thats in the fermenter now was done on a double ring burner... (that always sounds painful)

im never *EVER* boiling more than a starter on the kitchen sink ever again..
My boil was 11 litres. Took a while on the stove but wasn't too bad 'cause we've got a gas stove. Where did you get your burner by the way?? How much? Worth it?

we have ahd the burner for quite some time... i have no idea where that one came from,

i did however buy one from my scout group, and i think it was around the 30-40 mark... but i'd probably suggest going up to the 3 ring version.. :)
Thanks for that. Might see if I can get one soon, although money's a bit tight at the moment. Just out of interest, how do you calculate boil volume - water volume only or including ingredients? My volume was 11 litres water + 3kg lme + .125kg wheat dme + hops. Just interested in terms of following recipes etc. I've always figured boil volume was given as water only because working it out after converting additives to litres was a bit tricky. Anyway, good luck with the next one!

i took a stab in the dark at the 12L boil.. i didn't calculate it at all :)

i had about 11L left when i poured it into the fermenter..