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The Imperial Metric Brewery
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Has anyone used this before or does anyone use it on a regular basis? New item at the brewshop so I couldn't help myself, only $4.25 so pretty cheap too. Should get at least 6 or more brews from it (1tsp per 19L, 42g package).

Will give it a shot, this along with the new aquarium pump should have the yeast in a feeding frenzy!

It may even make a good sized yeast container at the end as well :)

i use - mainly in the starters....

look at it as cheap insurance for the yeasties....
Boil some old yeast in your main boil, gives yeast nutrients just as good for free.

Malt has tons of protein & amino acids and stuff like that for the yeast, nutrients should not be necessary

Jovial Monk
Excellent idea GMK to look to the health of your starters, I add a smidge of nutrient to mine too. And lots of O2.

Healthy starters give your yeast a head start in the wort.

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