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die sudhausanlage

I am acting on behalf of Bricey, he has had a bit of trouble with the promoter of the comp. Promoter has not advertised the comp at all.

Copy of email:
Mate, I need help!

Due to the guy at the show wanting to take over and his so called "Advertisement" campaign we have a grand total of 3 entries for the show at the weekend..

If you know of anyone who would want to send some entries down, or you want to send some in yourself, let me know.

Post them to me at

3 Jackson Drive,

Wodonga, VIC 3690

$5 per entry (2 bottles) in 5 catagories. Pale Ale, Ale, Lager, Wheat and Stout.

Anyone who entersd stands a great chance of winning something!
Can anyone spare a couple of bottles for this show?

This is Briceys first attempt at running a comp, it would be nice to see a good AHB turnout.

The ribbons are printed...
Judges in place....

All we need is people to send the ribbons too when they win.

If you can spare a few bottles express post them to the above address with $5 and I will fill in the entry forms and ensure they are in the show.

Please guys....
Come on die sudhausanlage and bricey.

You guys haven't even given us any information about the comp.

What categories are in the comp ? Belgians ? Imperial IPA's ?
Where is the style infomation that you will be judging too ?
What are the prizes ?
Who are the judges ?
What brewing methods are accepted ? Kit ? Partial ? Full Mash ?
Got a link to the entry forms ?

And at the weekend !

Thanks for the notice <_<
3 Entries? Hell i should enter my porter in the Pale Ale category... guarantee'd placing! ;-)

It's a shame to see a show flop like that though.
Sorry Doc, it's probably my fault that no one knows about the competition, but I wasd under the impression that advertising was well in hand.

You can enter in either Pale Ale, Ale, Lager, Stout and Wheat.

We are judging on the AABA criteria that you can eaily obtain from thier website.

Prizes are Show ribbons for display, measuring 1M by 30cms with Gold tassles for 1st, 2nd and 3rd with Red, White and Blue Champion Brewer and Best of Show Beer.

entry forms can be downloaded from...


The judges have been well drilled on what to look for per style. Any beer entered in the wrong catagory will be instantly recognised and marked accordingly
Well all the best with the comp. Bricey , just bad luck we did not get more notice , perhaps next year?

Wish you well with it