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For Sale Brisbane: Complete Premium 6-keg Kegerator setup

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Hi all, I was about to put this on Gumtree when a mate recommended I post it here first. I would much rather this go to a worthy owner in the brewing community and avoid the inevitable "Hi I would like to offer $200" that you normally get on Gumtree.


When I decided to make a kegarator, my wife demanded that it "look like a piece of furniture" rather than a crummy old fridge with taps sticking out of it, this is what I came up with. She agreed to the cost when she found out that she would get to have cider and free soda water on tap.

Make no mistake, every person who walks into my house, when they see this, they walk over to it like a zombie and reach out and touch it like it is not real. When I pour them a beer, I have had grown men drop to their knees before it. In the eyes of my friends, I am a god.

A note on construction:

Under the hood is a Fisher and Paykel 720lt slimline chest freezer, bought brand new (4 years ago) for this project. It has been framed in pine and finished with micro-orb panels.
The lid consists of three pine planks biscuit joined together. To access the inside, just roll it forward and lift the lid like you would on a normal chest freezer.

  • External thermostat controller with digital read out (You get two, one that includes a heating loop)
  • 7x20lt cornie kegs
  • 9kg CO2 bottle (fits inside the unit with the kegs)
  • Dual pressure CO2 regulator
  • Air cooled four tap font, includes cooling fan
  • 4x Genuine Perlic forward sealing flow control faucets
  • 4 way individual CO2 cutoff valves
  • Stainless steel drip tray
  • All connections including keg disconnects and cutoff valves have John Guest fittings

My preferred configuration is to have one regulator outlet feed into the 4x splitter to drive the beer/cider dispensing. The other regulator outlet I run at much higher pressure into a Y adapter then into 2 water kegs for unlimited supply of soda water. Typically I have a pale ale on tap 1, a lager on tap 2, a cider on tap 3 and soda water on tap 4.

You also get a box full of "stuff" including some bronco taps, beer line, 4 Chinese rip-off Perlic faucets, tap spanner, soda stream adapter for the regulator, keg lids etc.

Note: this is NOT a bargain. It is a premium piece of beer dispensing equipment hand made by me, it is the only one of it's kind, so any ridiculous offers will be ignored. It is available for pickup only from The Gap in Brisbane.

If you offer the asking price ($3400), it is yours. Feel free to make an offer and I will consider it in due course, but I am in no hurry to sell. It took me two months to make it so I can afford to wait for the right offer.

I will wait a week before I advertise anywhere else, so if you or someone you know is interested, let me know asap and we can have a chat about it, I can send more pics etc, even delay the sale a bit for a legit offer.

Remember that there are only two types of people in this world: 1) the person who own this kegerator 2) everyone else

Who do you want to be ?

OK, so I may have had a few while writing this, but I just want my baby to have a good new home.

I look forward to hearing form you
Good luck & thanks for giving readers here a first opportunity.

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