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Sold Fermenting and Serving setups for sale

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Selling these on doctors orders :(

Serving setup $600:
Series X Kegerator with 3 taps (4th outlet fitted at back for dispensing soda water)
5x 19L corny kegs
2.6L gas bottle (empty), mk4 reg, guard

Fermenting setup $400:
Series 4 Kegerator, no taps
RAPT temp controller
RAPT pill
Heating wrap
2.6L gas bottle (empty), mk4 reg, guard
3x All Rounder fermenters, appear to be in good condition but used and not pressure tested
Bucket Blaster for cleaning

various other bits&bobs (check last photo) that I have not allocated available to the purchasers if still available

cash only, pickup only from NSW 2040


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