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Merri Mashers Specialty IPA Comp 2016

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Richmond, VIC
In 2015, The Terminus Hotel (North Fitzroy) hosted the inaugural Merri Mashers Specialty IPA Comp. It was a highly successful event that confirmed the Merri Mashers’ place among Melbourne’s home brew clubs as a vibrant and innovative collective of Inner North brewers.

We are back in 2016 with the only competition dedicated to the BJCP’s newest category of Specialty IPA, with judging at The Terminus Hotel (North Fitzroy) on the 19th of June. Details can be found at http://merrimashers.org/ipa-comp-2016.

Described by some as “a vague and nebulous” category, Section 21B of the updated 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines covers an exciting arena for competitive brewing, with these styles continuing to grow in popularity. As the BJCP contend:

Specialty IPA isn’t a distinct style, but is more appropriately thought of as a competition entry category. Beers entered as this style are not experimental beers; they are a collection of currently produced types of beer that may or may not have any market longevity…

The only common element is that they have the balance and overall impression of an IPA (typically, an American IPA) but with some minor tweak. The term ‘IPA’ is used as a singular descriptor of a type of hoppy, bitter beer. It is not meant to be spelled out as ‘India Pale Ale’ when used in the context of a Specialty IPA. None of these beers ever historically went to India, and many aren’t pale. But the craft beer market knows what to expect in balance when a beer is described as an ‘IPA’ – so the modifiers used to differentiate them are based on that concept alone.

The six styles covered by Section 21B include:

· Black
· White
· Red
· Rye
· Belgian
· Brown

Prizes will be offered for winning beers in each of the six style categories, as well as for Champion Beer, Champion Brewer, Best Novice, and if they agree again, Carwyn Cellars Carwyn's Choice Award, as well as a prize for Club of Show.

All entries must be via Compmaster (http://www.compmaster.com.au). Online entries close on the 12th of June, 2016.

Drop-off points include Wallington Rural Home Brew (370 Grubb Rd, Wallington), Grain & Grape (5/280 Whitehall St, Yarraville), Home Make It Reservoir (265 Spring St, Reservoir), Keg King (2/33-35 Smith Rd, Springvale) and The Terminus Hotel (492 Queens Parade, North Fitzroy).

Beers must be delivered by 12:00 midday Saturday, 18th of June, 2016. Entries will not be accepted on the day of judging.

Anyone interested in judging this competition (whether you are BJCP-accredited or not) can contact the Judge Director David Wilton at: secretary@merrimashers.org

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