Will This Brew Survive Or Is It Done For?

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So just wondering if this brew is done for and If I have done the wrong thing here.

I have one of the new Coopers DIY fermenters without the screw on lid. Now for reasons unknown I picked it up out of the laundry tub where I chill it and turned and knocked it into the tub. It fell back and I lost 3L of the brew. Now I don't know if anything got in, but stuff defintely got out. I caught it quite quickly and didn't let it sit in there for longer than a second or two.

So I let it settle and racked into a secondary fermenter and left all the crap behind as it had a massive krausen, biggest I have ever seen and it was only ginger beer. So should I just hope that it works out ok and bottle it shortly or tip it. I guess it isn't so bad as it's for the girlfriend but time/money feels like it's wasted!!! :lol: :angry:
would not worry a bit. I have had a whole hand (unclean and unsanitised) go into a brew while I was trying to aerate it. if my filthy hand can make a good beer your clean sink should be no worries. I mean I would not recommend what I done, But it happened I did not get a infection.

You can tip it now and never know if it was any good or you can let its do its coarse and risk it being the best brew you have ever done. There has been many things fall into peoples fermenters and they turned out fine. I think some one said there kid put a toy in there and it still turned out fine lol.

was the brew unfermented or fermented?? by the sounds of it it was still fermenting which is prob the best time for it to happen as the yeast are active and they will take over anything in there. When its unfermented is prob the worst time like me and many others have done. As a wort is the perfect environment for bugs and crap. Well I found out a unboiled AG wort is the best it doesnt even need air to take off :p.
Id let it keep fermenting and taste it. chances are that if its well into a good ferment like you described the chances of contamination are lower. what were you worried about getting in was the fermenter sat in water etc. if it taste ok carbonate and drink it sooner than later. don't stress proble be alrigh if not you will know when you drink it
It was close to the end of fermentation however just got back and there seems to be activity in the secondary and a slight krausen forming. I probably didn't need to transfer it to the secondary but just panicked. I'll probably bottle it in a couple of days as fermentation still has a little bit to go. Cheers guys.
dont rush it. if its still fermenting then id be looking at bottling prob next weekend if its finished by then. leaving it 3+ days after 3 days of the same gravity is good practice and will only improve the beer. Dont rush it let it be :p

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