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im looking for one of those thermostats that you plug the freezer in to it and then plug the thermostat into the wall and set the temp.

you know the ones im talking about. Does anyone know where i can buy one? ive heard some homebrew shops have them, but mine doesnt.


Pretty sure you can get them from Grain & Grape, the brand is growarm, just make sure it is the one you want. I think one is designed to heat so will switch when temp is lower than setpoint and another is designed to cool so switches when temp is above setpoint.

I got mine from TWOC in WA for about $90 so you may find cheaper if you shop around. You could also build one yourself if you dare.

In any case you deinfately want to read this thread.
If you get one of those Grow warm jobs you can wire it which ever way you want it or you can have it both heat and cool, although you will have to find a sparky etc that knows how to do it as they only come wired for one way use.
I rewired mine and it switches the fridge on when it gets too hot and a 20 watt bulb if it gets too cold.
A mighty fine set up IMO.
Another option is that you can buy the same control but without the box it comes in and you still need to have it wired to suit your needs.
It is made by E.G.O. and the model is EF55.13204.010
I dont know where you can buy one but if you do a search on this site or the Grumpys site there was a lot of info about them some time ago or maybe one of our fellow brewers might help when they read these posts.
Hope this helps,
Hi once again Kman,
I just found a bit more info on that thermostat.
This was a quote from a post at Grumpys

I have been following some very interesting posts on this site regarding various methods
of controlling the fermation temp.If any one is interested there is a temp controller
available for $33.00 at global components Blacktown nsw, ph 0288313133,
email [email protected]
The unit is made by E.G.O. and the model no is ef55.13204.010.
I have been using one now with great success for over5 years,
another brewer Brian of Birkenhead has just purchased one and can confirm the price.
Just dial in the desired temp and walk away from it. it is very reliable.

If your intention is to use this thermostat on a freezer for a keg fridge you will only need the "cold" side of the switch and it will be spot on.
For W.A. brewers, "All Controls" in Belmont have these. Same price.
ive email them, hopefully i will be able to get them to send me one rather then me driving up.

thanks for the link.

Just wondering kman if u got one of those thermostats from global components?
no not yet, they still have not replied to my emails.

If you can get a responce from them, i would be interested in getting one still.

I just rang the number and got Grace Brothers at Parramatta. I will try telstra's directory phne number and see how that go's.
The number is 02 98313133 and they don't stock em anymore.
damn, looks like the only option now is the grain and grape $100 one.

oh well, you cant win em all
I can still recommend the TS-040S (0-40C) thermostat from www.tobins.com.au. $38.50 incl. GST

These thermostats can both heat and cool with the flick of a switch (you have to set it up with this switch). There really isn't much to wiring these up. Just a though. Hope they still have some in stock now though. Bought 5 of them on Thursday last week. Holding them in my hot little hands now.

Cheers, Justin

Could you provide a quick run-down of what's required for wiring?

Is it just a matter of wiring this up to the middle of an extension cord, and adding a switch-box housing? How do you wire the switch?


a pic or two would be good...

Off the top of my head I can't recite it exactly (correctly!) so I'll take notes when I get home tonight and report back tomorrow. Basically there is just three tabs off the thermostat. One is connected to common. One is open on heating, one is closed on heating. You just need to connect to the right tab (hence the switch) to have the heating option or cooling option.

I'll post a pic when I know the "correct wiring configuration" and which way round the heating and cooling options are.

Cheers, Justin
Ok guys, here it is.

Now, there are two possible modes of operation with this thermostat.

You can:

1. get the thermostat to switch on an electrical appliance when the temperature in your enclosure drops below your desired temp (like an ale fermentation box for example. You may use it to turn on a low wattage light bulb to raise the temp).

2. get the thermostat to switch on an electrical appliance when the temperature in your enclosure raises above your desired temp (as in a lagering fridge. When the temp rises your fridge will turn on and hence lower the temperature).

In order to have both these options available to you from the one thermostat you need to install a switch (see wiring diagram). The installation of this switch to flick between both modes is also available to those with a Growarm thermostat, but check this with a multimeter to make sure. It's exactly the same in my experience, but you make your own judgement.

I installed this thermostat in an extension lead. I cut open the insulation and found the wire that I wanted (the active, it was brown in my case but the colour can change) then cut the wire and installed my switch and thermostat here. I used a Jaycar jiffy box to house the thermostat and mount the switch, I suggest you do the same. There are other options available (like the installation of a plug fitting as seen in the growarm controller) but I leave the creative stuff to you.

Good luck guys. Be safe, check your work and hopefully everything will work out great.

Cheers, Justin

Disclaimer-I'm not an electrician. If you fry yourself- I'm not at fault. If you doubt your ability to perform this wiring safely or check your job, then get someone that knows how to do it to either help, do the job for you or check your work for you. I offer this info out of a will to help others, it is correct to the best of my knowledge. It is not difficult stuff but undertake this project at your own peril.


Looks good.
Does this thermostat have an external temp probe - or is the temp sensor internal.

External probe. As below it come's with the knob, bezel and screws, you just need a jiffy box to mount it in.

0-40 SPDT 16A Thermostat (with Knob, Bezel & Screws)

Trade Price: A$38.50 Each
(Price includes 10% GST)
Single Pole Double Throw
Temperature Range: 0 - 40C
Capillary Length: 1 metre, stainless steel
Bulb Size: 5.8mm dia. x 126mm
Differential: 4C


Differential of 4C

is this the hysteresius between the cooling and heating option?

Thanks again.

If you have one spare i would be happy to buy one - 40.00 plus freight?
Sorry, they're all accounted for.

Yep the 4C is the hysteresus (sp.) (basically you set the temp at eg. 15C and it will vary +/-2C), which really isn't much when your looking at changing the temp of a 25L vessel full of liquid. I find that the temp hardly changes at all. And the hyst. seems to be less than 4C anyway. I reckon you'd be lucky to find a mechanical thermostat with a hyster. differential of less than 4C (I have a Johnson Controller with variable hyst. that is between 3 and 5C).

Cheers, Justin

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