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party coming up later this month, and im not moving my fridge... so i thought a wheely keg would be the go... called the local rubbish guys and they promptly delivered my new bin (a spare one!) ...

i plan to digitally wrap it, like my fridge

current fridge..

here is the before picture, will drill the holes for the taps, mount the tray, and ofcourse, wrap the sucker with a digital print... any suggestions?..

im thinking timber, or maybe just heaps of bubbles? or a photo of a glass?...
Hi Warb,
This doesn't answer your question. But I reckon the print on your brew fridge is pretty wicked. Where, how much, and how do you get it on the fridge(is it a print, giant sticker, laminated ???) for getting a digital print onto the fridge. Love to do a digital wrap on my brew fridge

roach, sent u a message, its just a big sticker.. old pub, maybe... im thinking of the bubble type of thing, sorta like this..

big sticker hey.like wow the mind boggles as to what you could get up to.
how much to cover a fridge front warb.im keen and interested.

big d
co2, yes it is big, its not that much more to rent, plus i dont have to lug the sucker back to cog every few months... it will last me 12 months or so
How many kegs will fit in a wheelie bin?

If I were you I would get some PVC pipe (get a large enough diameter one so that the shank with nipple and hose will fit, guessing 4 or 5") and make your own font for the bin. Just use a PVC endcap or make your own. There are also big flanges available (but they might be quite dear) that you could use to bolt the pipe/font onto the lid. Otherwise a couple of strips of flashing would soon see the font secured.

FWIW I would possibly consider replacing the lid with a flat bit of sealed MDF, ply or something working off the same hinges so you have a nice flat working surface to sit beers on while pouring. Probably a bit more asethetically pleasing too. Possibilities are endless. :)

Cheers, Justin

Take the wheels off the bin. Make a flat wooden base on castor wheels (like a mechanics workshop trolley for getting underneath cars) to make it easier to move around.

For the graphic how about something along the line of this one ? It is from the Oktoberfest this year.

Also really like Justins idea for the lid.

Interested to hear about the pricing and process for getting those sorts of images done too. Very cool


top idea on the font & lid will look into that for sure, maybe time for a trip to bunnings.....

I only have the 2 taps that are on my fridge, what are the cheapest taps I can buy to attach to this thing? are there cheap taps out there or am i best to grab the ones off the fridge,

who wants a few big stickers for 2 taps B)
Warb, I've done the same thing with one of those supper small wheely bins (mine only fits one keg). At the moment I only have a gun attached but I've also been thinking about a nice polished wooden top and a single font. I was also thinking of lining the outside of the bin with a wood veneer and maybe a few brass hooks around the top to hang glasses off.
Could also make a bracket for your CO2 cylinder to attach to the outside if it doesn't fit inside.

Cheers again. Brain is thinking I need one of these ;)

brass hooks, I love it, I can see this 'simple' plan consuming lots of time!..
This is just lazy, but you could fit a tap at the base of your bin to make draining it easier.
It's threads like this that make this forum so damn cool.

I've been thinking of buying a crappy normal bin for this purpose .... not anymore :lol:
I fond this photo on a site which hires these out $290 including a keg of mega swill. I'm sure we can do a better job than this :) . Firstly, get rid of that VB sticker...

Wax said:
This is just lazy, but you could fit a tap at the base of your bin to make draining it easier.
i thought of that too, i was just going to drill drain holes, as the ice melts, but it will leak everywhere and wont stay cold as long, just added a tap to the shopping list..
something like this ...to enhance the thirst quenching coolness of an ice cold beer, perhaps?

went to bunnings today, looked at my options, looked a pvc pipes, right angles, different tops.... stuff that, im drilling two holes in the front and mounding the taps there, with a drip tray under them.. as for the print, im likeing the flames, as it stands they will roll of the printer, unless something else pops up :p

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