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Grainfather Connect 30 Litre + Brewing Gear - Adelaide

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Hi All,

I am looking to move on my Grainfather Connect and all my associated brewing gear due to a lack of time to brew these days :-(

Please note at this stage I am offering everything as a package and DO NOT WANT TO SELL ITEMS SEPERATELY

- Grainfather Connect Model with approximately 25 brews under it's belt with the following genuine Grainfather items.
- Counter Flow Chiller
- Sparge Water Heater
- Micro Pipework for doing small grain bill brews (brand new never used)
- Over flow filter (brand new never used)
- Stainless steel mash paddle.

It's all sitting on a timber frame with wheels as pictured below with built in dual water filter with almost new filters installed, just plug in a garden hose and your off!

Also included are the following brewing items and gear:

- 4 x 19 Litre Corny Kegs with ball lock fittings, they are older kegs but I refitted all with new seals in 2017 and they have been used 3 to 4 times each if lucky and all hold pressure perfectly when sealed.
- 2 x 30 Litre plastic fermenters used approximately 25 times between the two of them
- 2 x 15 Litre plastic fermenters (brand new - never used)
- 1 x Magnetic stir plate with magnet for creating yeast starters (keg king generic brand)
- 1 x 5 Litre conical flask
- 1 x disposable oxygen tank (bunnings brand) with mini regulator and oxygen stone for aerating wort (tank would still be at least 3/4 full)
- 2 Roller Keg King grain mill mounted on pine timber board.
- 1 x Heat Pad for use during fermentation (brand new - unopened)
- 1 x Inkbird ITC308 Temperature controller.
- 1 x Inkbird ITC310T ProgramableTemperature controller (brand new - unused)
- 1 x Keg King Brand Refractometer (brand new - unused)
- 1 x Keg King brand Hydrometer
- Assorted Grains and Chemicals
- Spare Ball Lock valves, T pieces and fittings and tubing.
- 1 x beer filtering system with quick disconnects to filter beer from primary to secondary

Basically comes with everything you need to start brewing all grain beer except for a Kegerator Fridge and a gas bottle.

Everything brand new today would cost you at least $3000.

Looking to sell for $2000.

Please PM me for me details if required. I will attempt to get better images uploaded as time permits.