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FOR SALE 6 - 8 keg Keezer $250. Werribee, Melbourne West subs.

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FOR SALE 6 - 8 keg Keezer $250. Werribee, Melbourne West subs.
Downgrading to a 4 keg kegerator so I'm selling my 6 keg Keezer. Holds 6 kegs in the bottom but can hold another 2 over the compressor. Comes with 6 taps. 2 Intertaps, 1 series 5 Perlick and 3 series 5 flow control Perlics. 8 x 100mm shanks. 5 stainless and 4 chrome plated (1 is maybe stainless). 1 x 40cm drip tray, 2 x Perlick flow control washer sets some shank push in fittings and maybe some other bits and pieces. Maybe a spare manifold. Has an STC-1000 temp controller already hooked up.
It has seen better days due to some of my bad upgrades/mods but it in perfect working order. Just needs a clean and maybe a coat of paint. I haven't used the taps in a long time but they worked fine last time I used them. Probably just need a clean. The extra hole on the left hand side was for an old EK tap with a Carlton Draft badge on it. I only used it a few times but Im keeping it as a memento. It will need disconnects, beer/gas line and a gas bottle and reg. Only selling due to down grade plus I need the room.
I can deliver to Melb West subs for petrol money (or 25km


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