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Just wondering if people with bm's have used large portions of wheat with success. Up until now I have only used 500 grams. Want to do a recipe with 2.5kg pale 2.5kg wheat and wondering if I will get wort fountains etc
Batz should be able to tell you. He has a Braumeister and loves wheat beers.
in the instruction booklet that comes with the braumiester there is a recipie for your first beer with it, from memory it was 50/50 wheat/barley malt so i doubt you should have any problems if thats what there telling people to use
Yeah was thinking that about recipe in book couldnt really find anyone's experience though on net. Ah well just see how it goes!
surely someone has brewed that recipe, i know i planned to when i got mine

fingers crossed, maybe throw in some rice gulls just incase?
I've not had any problems with higher quantities of wheat, though I think 30% would be the highest I've gone. That was unmalted wheat for a Lambic. It gave my mill hell but the BM seemed fine with it.
Hi Doon,

Yes you can. I just made a New Year Witbier with more than 50% wheat on my 20lt BM. MHB has made some 100% wheats on his 50lt. Its very possible.

Malts (5.3kg bill)

Wheat Malt - 47.5%
Pilsner Malt - 33.4%
Flaked Wheat - 14.6%
Acidualted Malt - 4.5%

I ran the BM with the following mash schedule

Time 20/20/90/30/15
Temp 40/52/66/72/76

Sparging with 9 litres after a start volume of 25 and boiled for 90 mins.

Fermented with Wyeast Forbidden Fruit and can say, its one of the best beers I have made after 3 years of brewing ( my 4th on the BM though )


Come to think of it, MHB told me to replace the 40 degree hydration rest to a 32c rest which i did for 20 mins, it wasnt circulating during this time. I mashed in and every 5 mins for 20 mins would give it a good mash paddling. Then i put the filter on and started her up. He also said to check it during the mash (as you know with a BM it needs little attention whilst in operation) to check it to make sure it was pumping good. If not, press pause, remove cross bar and filter and give the malt a stir. I didnt have to do this, she ran sweet and the wort went from white to quite clear.

Hope this helps.

Cheers mate that helps heaps!
Pratty1 said:
Yes you can. I just made a New Year Witbier with more than 50% wheat on my 20lt BM. MHB has made some 100% wheats on his 50lt. Its very possible.
I'm interested in trying a 100% wheat beer in my braumeister.

Has anyone else done it, or knows if MHB used rice hulls for his?
I cant recall if MHB used seagulls for a 100% wheat but it would be a good idea too if you havent done it before. are you talking a 20lt or 50lt BM? also why the 100% recipe?
Interested in brewing a Graetzer, which is 100% oak smoked wheat malt.

I've got a 20L BM - it would only require 3ish kg of malt, so the grainbed wouldn't be compacted too much. I guess rice hulls are a good idea though - how much would you recommend?
that sounds like a nice beer. hmmm smoked wheat B)

The recommended amount I know of is 100g per 1kg of malt.

With only 3kg going into a 20lt malt pipe you shouldnt have any worries there will be plenty of room. Id suggest still to mash in at a low 30's and stir it every 5 mins for 20 mins before you starting her up and keep and eye on it for a bit, especially after the pump breaks.

I regularly do 50/50 brews with full volume BIAB, which is a similar process to the BM and never get a stuck mash, if that's what you are concerned about. Doesn't MHB recommend/sell an extra circular fabric filter pad that fits the top filter of the BM? If he does wheats with that setup then you'd have no problems with a plain BM I'd guess.
I've done two wheats on my 20L BM this year - both 60/40. It wasn't till I'd finished the first one and had it in the fermenter that I relised I hasn't used any Hulls as intended. Therefore the second batch was done without rice hulls also with no drama.

My next batch will be back to my old recipe 70/30 which I have been using for 15 years without rice hulls. Gravity,time and gentle lautering stops stuck sparges.
I have done 60% in my 20l. It is just a matter of getting a good crush on the rest of your grain. If you order off MHB (wear I get my grain) and let him know what it is for you should not have any trouble.
I've no issues with large % wheat bills. I find if anything letting it hydrate in on the mash in cycle for a good 10 - 15 mins makes all the difference prior to stir and program start.