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I already have my own idea of how to do this but was just interested to get some other opinions. What I want to do is to create a pale ale, not unlike jayses skunkfart recipes, but instead of loading up the cascade hops for that "little creatures" taste, i wanted to get a vanilla aroma and slight taste. My thoughts were to just use the cascade for bittering and maybe a 15min boil addition and then a couple of vanilla beans scraped out into the secondary.

thoughts??? :blink:


dazzling - do a search for vanilla.....i definately remember reading something similar a while ago :D
Hey Dazzling

This sound interesting so keep me posted on what you end up doing :)

Yeah the only real thing I can find is Doc's vanilla bourbon porter. Will have a look on morebeer and beer tools and see what comes up.


Dazzling :)
the one thing i found with the vanilla is that it fades rather quicky.

it might be best in the 2nd fermenter or putting some in the keg.
some types of oak leave a vanilla/butter taste and smell
that might be worth a go
(staves or chips instead of buying barrels)
maybe vanilla extract would be better? Not the cheap stuff but the proper extract.
By all means use diced vanilla pods in secondary, but do not get lazy and add them to your keg. They'll make your beer foam like crazy when you pour!
I think I remember reading somewhere the idea about the vanilla/bourbon beer was to give something to the beer which would reasonble that of a beer stored in a whiskey barrel, The vannilla supposedly being a similar flavour to that of the oak. I don't know personally one way or the other.
The idea of vannilla in a APA doesn't sit to well with me though but who am I to stop you.
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