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I got given a 20L birko urn 2400 watt cleaned up nice on the weekend and works ok.
The thing is the element looks black (or rusty unsure) with lite green on it.
This didnt clean off should I replace it. Anyone had this problem?
Will it effect my brew taste if I dont replace?
What did you try and clean it with? Try using some PBW (or unscented napisan). Soak overnight and see if the scum comes off.
I'm wondering if the stainless coating has been rubbed back and now you have the copper showing?
Sounds like copper. Make a strong mix of cleaner [pbw etc] and boil for 20 minutes or so, should clean it up. After cleaning and rinsing do a small boil, let cool and taste the water to see how it tastes. If the water tastes good everything should be sweet
hit it with some vinegar before you use pbw or whatever
run some sunbeam liquid descaler in it cleaned up the inside good as new but the element not so good.Yes Qldkev it looks cracked could be cooper showing. Will try above replies and cross fingers.

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