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hi guys ,just an update on my k&k brews,first one was a coopers draught 6 weeks in the bottle with 500 lme,250 corn syrup ,and 250 dextrose,this has turned in to a really nice beer with a strong head and nice mouth feel ,it has got just a slight hazy taste to it but on a hot day it is a good beer.second beer i brewed was the coopers pale ale with the same adda pack as the draught beer i brewed first,after about a week in the bottle i thought it had an infection as it gave me heart burn sort of feel and was quite gassy,anyway i left this for another 4 weeks and tried it again but noticing how much carbonation was in the glass when i poured it i stuck it back into the fridge still in the glass and waited for about 20 mins then tried it and too my surprise it turned out quite a nice drop,it does seem however to not have a real strong flavor but still nice enough to have.the third beer i made was the coopers heritage lager which i added 500 lme,250 corn syrup,250 dextrose and it also had some hops in this pack which i had to boil for about 5 mins,i tried this lot after 5 days in the bottle but found that it was fairly strong in the hops department and rather over powering ,i tried it a week later and it had mellowed quite a bit and was quite drinkable,now 3 weeks later i have tried another one and it really is very nice with the hoppy flavour really mellowing a lot more and being able to taste the other ingredients in this brew,all up this is my best one so far.the last one is a black rock lager with 750 dextrose,250 corn syrup.i looked at this pack and didnt think it had a lot going for it so i added another 500 lme,anyway this has been in the bottle for 8 days and today i tasted it and it really tastes like it is going to be somthing special,the two lagers that i have done were the last two beers i have made and the difference in these two compared to the first two after reading this site was that they were both racked to another container for 7 days and they were both fermented at about 18 deg where as the first 2 brews were probably up as high as 26/28 deg somtimesthe last 2 beers that i racked are noticably cleaner beers so i think that the racking has certainly cleaned up these two and the lower temps have given them a better taste in the mouth ,any way i know its not as good as you ag guys but i have certainly improved my kits by following a lot of your advice here ,thanks
Sounds good fergi

it is an addiction isn't it, I have only started recently but am already loooking into thermstats, extra fridges, liquid yeast, mini-mashing, etc etc

Just wanting to do more and more...

I used saaz hops in a few of my lagers but the hops are so overpowering at this stage I still cannot drink them, it is mellowing with age but it is taking time, maybe if you use saaz hops soon, wait atleast 2 months (hard to wait I know) but it will be worth it.

Good Luck