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I just bottled a brew on Sunday, and since the last stubby was only half full, I poured myself a glass. It tasted very syrupy sweet. I hope something miraculous happens to it to make it drinkable.

This was my first non-kit brew, and I used a 250 ml bottle of maple syrup, boiled 10 mins.

I only used 40g Saaz pellets for bittering (60 mins), and 15g Cascade (30 mins), and dry-hopped 40g Pacific Hallertau.

I think the trouble was that the wort was too concentrated, and the hops haven't been absorbed properly. I have a 19 lt pot that was probably no more than half full.

Perhaps the maple syrup was a mistake.

Has anyone tried adding a drop of hop oil to each bottle, then re-sealing?
Are you sure it is not the priming sugar you are tasting?
Tried it again (2 weeks bottled). Still a bit syrupy, but improving. It's a bit slow to carbonate, but should be fine in a couple more weeks.

Which means I'll be out of beer to drink in a couple of days. Fortunately, I've saved 2 stubbies from each of my last 5 brews. That'll help.

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