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Hi all,

I could do with some help.

I'm going to build my own pasteuriser (in-bottle hot water batch pasteuriser), but I need to be able to monitor & log the temperature of whatever is being pasteurised.

The basics are that I'm going to put a couple of immersion heater coils in a galvanised steel tank (I know that glavanised steel can give off 'bad stuff' under heat, but we won't get past 85 centigrade, so that won't be a problem). I can rig up a temperature controller to the immersion coils to control when they turn on and off, which is the easy part, but it's the next bit that causes me some problems.

I want to have a bottle in the pasteuriser that is my control. It will be filled with plain water at 3 centigrade and in the screw cap I'll drill a hole and place an submersible IP67 compliant temperature probe. I need to set up another temperature device & timer that senses when the water reaches 72 and then automatically starts a timer which will alarm/buzz when a predetermined time level is reached. I would also want to log that temperature to be retrieved by my PC for best-practice and in case there were any problems.

In normal circumstances I would just set it to 20 minutes when the hot water bath has reached 72, but this is overkill and I want to save myself some $$$ as well as time as pasteurisation is always the bottle neck (no pun intended) in carbonated filling for me at the moment.

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance for the ideas!


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