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big d

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been racking my brains as to what to brew on thursday.formulated a few high hop beers then remembered i was going to do the sister star of the sun jayses place a few months long ago this is what was done on the day.
well i ran it through beersmith upped a few of the grains to even the conversion out and have come up with the following.

og 1.067
fg 1.017

ibu,s 120
abv 6.5%

hop heaven if your into this style. ;) :rolleyes:

will post back as to how it goes.

big d
May the brew gods be with you bigd, and you get your OG this time.

thanks doc.
after the weekends brew where i hit the og spot on im now convinced i missed a kilo and a bit on the last big one. :(
this one will be better ;)

big d

btw the recipe for sister star

6 kg jw trad pale malt
.120 g dark crystal
.120 g wheat malt

85g chinook @ 60 m
56g ekg @ 15m
56g fuggles while chilling
irish moss or whirlfloc @30m
wyeast 1028 london ale but am using wyeast 1318 london ale 3 instead

mash @ 66c for 60 min

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