Thought I Would Share My First Extract - Fat Cat Yak

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Hi guys, this is only my second post so cross fingers the pics work!After a few K&K I had a go at a extract today, used the brewers choice recipe "fat cat yak clone". All went very easy, much the same as a K&K apart from the boil. I would recommend it to anyone to take the next step. Hardest thing was trying to fit 10l of water in the fridge to cool down over night to add to the fermenter.
I have slowly been collecting gear to have a go at all grain but thought I would start small and work up. Going to try one more extract before doing a mini mash this holidays, then move onto a AG.
I also put down a "Amarillo PA" fresh wort a few days before, so the brew fridge is getting very tight, normally only have one fermenter going and the rest of the room to condition bottles for a few weeks.
Will let you know how it tastes in a few weeks




Pics work great and it looks like you're quite capable in this arena. I can't offer any advice or comment on your brew as I'm yet to have a crack at my first, but good luck with it all and look forward to hearing how you went.