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When I first started brewing my fav beer was 2 x Coopers Dark Ale tins from the supermarket. I was at Woolies this arvo & the Coopers Dark Tins were $8 each! Now with the drought & fuel costs everything is going up. Over the past 10 years Coopers have always been around the same $9 -$10 mark, now they have the price going down? How about we let Glenn & Tim Cooper run the country! :beerbang:
Hey Gerard, pick up a farmland lager for $7.50.
I used to make the odd "Home Brand" draught 2-can brew which usually worked out for less than $15 altogether. It was about 6% alcohol and was never short of flavour. :)

Probably comes right out of the coopers brewery anyway!
I found the double cans a bit on the thick and sticky side for my liking, but this one below goes down pretty well - for what it is.

To go really cheap (and still be enjoyable), get the farmland / bilo lager $7.48 / $6, a coopers brew enhancer 2 about $5.50, add 10g of your favourite hops - 80c, then use a whitelabs yeast - free slurry from a serious brew.

So for about $14 (or $12.50 from tangent's bilo), you've got something that keeps you happy while the all grain brew is aging, stops the dust collecting on the spare fermenters / racking vessels, and just leaped into the shopping trolley while doing the groceries.

i've done HEAPS of those only with 1kg of dried malt and a dash of dexy for extra kick. sometimes even with the yeast supplied with the lager (shock/horror)
my hop addiction was getting to be a big cost so I bought some 14%AA hops :)