The Brewing Network Show- 10/16/05

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Hey kids,
The Brewing Network is very excited to bring in our first guest this week that is an all extract commercial brewer. Calling Oakland, CA home, Pacific Coast Brewing Co. will be joining us in-studio to share their knowledge and story about how they have made a brewpub from an extract brewing process. This will truly be a show that you extract brewers won't want to miss. And all-grainers might learn a thing or two as well.

Also happening Sunday, Brewcaster J will be back with the Sunday morning Brews and Blues show beginning at 10am Pacific Time and running until 12 Noon (Sunday 1800-2000 UTC.) Tune in to hear great blues music while you brew. Send in your requests early to [email protected], or join him in the chatroom during the show to request songs then.

As always, if you have any pre-questions to ask of the Brewcasters or guest, send them to [email protected] or post them under the Beer Radio topic in the forum. Otherwise, tune in at 5pm Pacific Time this Sunday (Monday, 0100 UTC) to catch the show.
I'm still getting through the archives, but you're doing a great job with the show.

Genuinely entertaining, and i always learn at least a few things every show.

Top work.

Anyone who hasn't already, start downloading the archives and listen through them, it's well worth it.