The Brewing Network Show- 11/13/05

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Hey kids,

Still reeling from last week's show with Dan Gordon of Gordon Biersch Brewing, we're following up this week with another big gun in the Microbrew world, Pyramid Breweries. Founded in 1984, Pyramid Breweries Inc. is a leading brewer of specialty, full-flavored beers produced under the Pyramid and MacTarnahans brands. The independent company operates five western breweries with adjoining Ale House restaurants in Seattle, Portland, Berkeley, Walnut Creek and Sacramento. Pyramids flagship brandPyramid Hefeweizenwas judged the best at the 2004 Great American Beer Festival, garnering the Gold Medal in the American-Style Hefeweizen category. Pyramid Brewmaster, John Donehower, will be joining us in the studio to discuss the effect of wheat in all sorts of beers, and which yeasts are appropriate for American and German wheat beers.

For our official tasting during at the top of the second hour of the show(6:00 p.m. Pacific Time), we will be drinking Pyramid Hefeweizen. So pick yourself up a bottle of Pyramid Hef and join us as we evaluate it on the air.

Also, stay tuned thoughout the coming weeks as changes begin to take place around The Brewing Network, as we gear up for a new year of Brewcasting. We'll be making alot of changes and will begin announcing and showing them soon...

As usual, the fun starts at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Sunday (Monday, 0100 UTC.) Also, The Blues and Brews Show airs at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time, Sunday (Sunday, 1900 UTC.) And of course, it's all live, commercial free, funny and informative.

If you have any pre-questions to ask of the Brewcasters or guest, send them to [email protected] or post them under the Beer Radio topic in the forum. Then tune in this Sunday as we answer them on the air. Or even better, join the chatroom during the show and ask live.