The Brewing Network Show- 10/9/05

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Hey kids,
Following up with yet another Great American Beer Festival medalist, TBN is proud to announce Bison Brewing as our guest on this Sunday's show. Having taken a silver at the GABF with their Chocolate Stout, they will be in studio to discuss the use of adjuncts in the brew process to help us homebrewers do it.

Also, the Brewcasters are all going to attend the Nor Cal Homebrew Festival this Saturday, so we'll be bringing you a fully hungover report of the goings on.

As always, if you have any pre-questions to ask of the Brewcasters or guest, send them to [email protected] or post them under the Beer Radio topic in the forum. Otherwise, tune in at 5pm Pacific Time (0100 UTC) this Sunday to catch the show.


It's always a wild and crazy time on The Brewing Network Show!

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