Temp Variance Between Vessels

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Perth, WA

Had a NC cube in the fridge and chilled it down to 25-26 deg c
Removed from fridge and splashed it into fermenter (bunnings barrel style)

Pitched yeast and returned to fridge, affixed my temp probe to side of barrel same as previous on cube.

BAM 31 deg c. WTF?

As a result I was sweating on the fridge being able to get the temp down to 20 deg before fermentation kicked in. Normally I pitch warm at 25-28 and get temp down to 19 in a couple of hours (ie during lag phase). But this eventuality added 3-4 hours or so to the cooling. Checked this morning, no obvious signs that the exponential phase / fermentation is off and running yet, so hopefully all will be well. Expecting visual signs by this evening though.

Would this have something to do with the thickness of the plastic that is used in the contruction of the cubes / fermenter?

Cube was a 20L Kookaburra cube from BCF. 21-23L capacity depending on temp at time of filling.
Fermenter is the not so robustly constructed bunnings barrel 25L.

Has this happened to anyone else?


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