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On a recent American list there was a thread on brewing related injuries and after reading half a dozen I'm inclined not to brew today.

If you have a brew related injury tell us what it is/was and what steps you will/have taken to avoid repeating same??

Worse injury happened when a piece of sticky backed metal tape that is helping to insulate my tun fell of into my boiling wort, without even a seconds thought i reached in and grapped it. The rest of the brew day was done one handed while the hand with skin hanging off was held in a icey bucket of water. :(

I did think i could grab it of the top of the wort, turns out i miss judged where the top of the wort was and put my hand in! ooooouch! :(

I saw a few shockers when we were operating from our shop at North Ryde, with one brewers' wife assuring me she thought she was going to be getting out the black dress. Carrying the HLT ( full & @ temp) down the back steps when a thong broke. Our hero didn't spill a drop, the HLT bounced of his chest as he went down about a dozen concrete steps on his back!
Brew was completed without further incident.
my injury came from a homebrew day at the G-Spot and was given a glove to help pick up the hlt and stupid me happened to pick up the bottom of the hlt with hand that didnt have the glove on and next minute i know i am holding ice in my hand and carrying some good blisters thankfully there is no scaring from the burns... but i will never forget that day....

cheers and beers
Hi Oz,

I remember that day, not with as much feeling as you but I do remember it well.

Steve :eek:
Spilled about half a gallon of near-boiling water out of the HLT onto bare foot. Spent the next couple of weeks barely able to walk. :(
i had to pour a hole 23L batch down the drain cuz it was infected and absolutly undrinkable............

it was the most painfull thing ive ever had to do hehehe

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